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The Formula Opel Racing will be part of the AVD Historic Race Cup.

The Formula Opel Racing will start as national series recognised by the FIA.


Race schedule


There will 5 races on the great European racetracks in 2018

All raceweekends contains 2 qualyfiyings and 2 races.

At least 80 minutes tracktime




It is driven according to the Official Formula Opel Regulations


Eligible cars


Year of construction 1988 up to 1999




The following tires are permitted


Avon Classic FF2000 6.5/21.0-13 8814 Slicks

Avon Classic FF2000 8.2/22.0-13 8815 Slicks
Avon Classic FF2000 6.5/21.0-13 8829 Wets
Avon Classic FF2000 8.2/22.0-13 8831 Wets


Driver Licenses


International License C

International License D

International License C/D Historic cars construction year to 31.12.1990




Championship registration:          400€ (Once per season, not necessary for guests)

Single events:

Guest                                           750€ (1 race-weekend in total 2 practice sessions and 2 races)
Registered driver                         600€ (1 race-weekend in total 2 practice sessions and 2 races)


Newcomer                                   2100€ (includes 3 race-weekend in total 6 practices and 6 races)

Pro                                              3200€ (includes 5 race-weekend in total 10 practices,10 races incl. registration fee)



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