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You search or want to sell, please contact us, then we put your ad online

We are the official supplier of spare parts and tires for the racing series Formula Opel Racing.
You need information, spare parts or looking for a Formula Opel,
You have come to the right place.
From our current time the formula Opel we still have many spare parts and information.


Wilco Ibes

Tire and technical suport

Mobil . +32 (0) 497 824906





Racing cars from the professional.

In the current formula Opel, we have cared from 1988 to 1999, the vehicles of many well-known drivers.

Whether sale, rental, repair, repair or tuning, we offer you a perfectly prepared vehicle.

Just arrived Formula Opel 1992 built the Series 2 for sale or for rent.

If interested, our contact details


Frank Färber Motorsport

Bahnhof Str. 28

56564 Neuwied, Germany

+49 171 8003453


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